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Custom Pools for Outdoor Enjoyment in Katy Texas

Building inground swimming pools for residents of Katy, Cinco Ranch, Sugar Land, Richmond and more...

Blue Science is a premier pool company for the Katy Texas area. For West Houston homeowners desiring an outdoor living environment, our message is straightforward: We have over than 25 years in the swimming pool industry and our team of designers, managers, and technicians will deliver on nothing less than your complete satisfaction of our work. We truly love building Houston area pools.

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We're in your Neighborhood. Blue Science has customers in:

City of Katy, TX
  • Woodcreek Reserve
  • Heritage Park West
  • Katy Heights
  • Victoria Lakes
  • Riceland Terrace
  • Lilac Terrace
  • Whispering Lakes
  • Pine Lakes
  • North Thomas
  • Village Way
  • Pine Meadows
  • Kelliwood Terrace
  • Cinco Ranch Forest
  • Kelliwood Courts

Learn about the Quality Build Process we use in Katy TX

As the Blue Science team transitions through each of the phases below, we'll be taking great care to clean up and protect your backyard along the way. We want the creation of your backyard oasis to be a pleasant and stress free experience.

Excavation phase for katy pools

Excavation Phase

Good morning Katy Texas! It's ground breaking day. The Blue Science construction team will arrive and displace any fence panels needed to give access to our excavation equipment. Trees, shrubs and other structures within the pool construction area will be removed as previously discussed with your pool design consultant. Your swimming pool's shape will be staked out in the soil and the yard will be graded. A track hoe will begin digging the hole and repositioning any dirt needed for yard leveling.

Structure creation phase for katy pools

Building the Structure

Excavation is now complete. The walls and floor areas of your swimming pool begin to take shape with our steel rebars. Our Katy pool crews will lay the bars down hovering a few inches above the soil to ensure they receive a strong bond with the concrete. Additional steel rebars are used for any high stress areas and to support any unique pool additions that you chose with your Blue Science design consultant.

Plumbing phase for katy pools

Plumbing Phase

Plumbing lines and valves are installed next which will maintain proper water flow and velocity. Your plumbing lines are of two types – return lines which bring fresh water to the pool, and suction lines which pull water back to the pump. Rest assured, our Katy pool plumbers use only the highest rated pumps and drains to ensure your family's safety and to mitigate the possibility of future costly underground repairs.

Gunite phase for katy pools

Gunite Phase

Time to move on to forming your pool shell. Some Katy area homeowners are not familiar with the industry term "gunite". Gunite is simply a mixture of concrete, sand and water. After the gunite is applied, we will keep the pool shell damp by watering it daily for several days. This helps with the curing process. At this stage you'll get to see the basic shape of your inground pool for the first time.

Coping and tiling phase for katy pools

Coping & Tile

At this step you will begin to see some of the unique designs elements you chose. Before applying any tile or coping, the gunite pool shell is smoothed, leveled and sealed. Our Katy pool professionals will hand cut tile and coping pieces to ensure a minimum amount of grout between each joint and to improve the overall aesthetics. Close attention to cosmetic details will be taken to ensure your complete approval of the pool's overall appearance.

Electrical installation phase for katy pools

Electrical Phase

Our electricians will come and install the pool's lights, heaters, pumps, and any other electrical pool features from your design. A commonly installed pool upgrade for Katy and Cinco Ranch area residents are waterfalls and underwater LED lights. These upgrades will be connected and tested at this step.

Decking and patio phase for katy pools

Decking Phase

This phase of construction requires special care and attention by our best pool professionals due to the expansive nature of soil found in Katy Texas. Before your decking is laid, we install your drainage system with PVC pipe. The area around the pool is prepped with gravel and sand to create the foundation for your decking. During the curing process expansion joints are crafted to reduce the risk of future cracks.

Clean up and prep phase for katy pools

Cleaning & Inspection Phase

Your project manager will begin doing some final inspections of the pool shell, plumbing and equipment and ensure that everything is satisfactory and that all design features are present and functioning. Our pool crew will do a complete interior clean of the pool to prepare for the plaster. Your backyard will be cleared of all debris and we will securely reinstall any fence panels that were taken down.

Plastering phase for katy pools

Plaster Phase

We are now ready to apply your pool surface of choice. This is where your pool really comes to life visually. Your pool design consultant will be in touch with you to check your color commitment one last time. Traditional colored plaster was the most popular choice for swimming pools and spas in Katy neighborhoods. Today it's Quartz and pebble finishes, an upgrades you won't regret adding to the budget for. After the surface is smoothed and finished, we'll begin filling your swimming pool with water from the hose.

Start up phase for katy pools

Swimming Pool Completion

Congratulations, you're now an Katy TX home pool owner! A pool technician will come visit you to guide you through all the controls of your new pool equipment. We'll educate you on pool maintenance 101 and discuss any particulars that are unique to your inground swimming pool and backyard. 

Regular maintenance for katy pools

Regular Maintenance

Blue Science started many years ago as a weekly pool maintenance company in North Texas. After your pool is built we'd love to continue our professional relationship with you as your pool service company of choice. Should you desire to clean and maintain your pool yourself, or hire a different Katy pool company, no problem at all, we'll always be here to answer any future questions about your pool warranty and perform any necessary repairs. Thank you for chosing Blue Science!

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