Pool Equipment Replacement & Upgrades

Pool Equipment Replacement & Upgrades

New Swimming Pool EquipmentWe are able to perform equipment upgrades as needed on all types of in-ground swimming pools.

If you already know what you want and wish to obtain a base quote on the phone we can do that for you. Our phone quotes will be for a standard installation.  Special circumstances will require us to perform a service call to evaluate your pool and make an appropriate quote to fit your needs.

Typical equipment replacements we perform:

  • Pumps - We can install energy efficient pumps. We can also sometimes optimize a pump's settings to be better paired to your filter and water features. 

  • Filters - We can upgrade you to the latest filtration methods such as a hybrid filter.  A better filter can allow you to run your equipment for less time saving on electricity.

  • Heaters - We install natural gas, propane, and solar heaters. A solar heater can help heat and cool your swimming pool naturally prolonging your swim season at minimal additional cost. Please call to inquire if we are able to install a solar heater in your area.

  • Sweeps or Cleaners - We can upgrade or replace your worn out cleaner and make sure it is properly installed and fitted for your pool. This can make all the difference in its performance. We also can help you convert a suction sweep to a pressure sweep such as a Polaris.

  • Equipment Sets - We can install a new pad and set of equipment to upgrade your circulation and filtration to the performance and electrical efficiency of a new swimming pool.

  • Ozonators - You can now go virtually chlorine free with an ozonator. See Gabes blog post here on how to have a chlorine free swimming pool. We recommend ozonators over a salt system or choosing a saltwater pool unless you just love the way the saltwater feels and that is worth the salt water system trade-offs to you. 
  • Saltwater systems - We can install the latest in saltwater systems. This includes systems that we clean themselves (very helpful for prolonging life and efficiency) through reverse osmosis and can be controlled via a computerized control system. All this can be had for $200-$300 more than a basic system you might find at your local retailer.

How can we help?

We want to help you to make an informed decision about your equipment upgrades. We'll be glad to provide you with information on what we recommend along with a free base quote over the phone for standard installation on many pool equipment items.

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Pool Supplies 

While providing pool repairs, leak detection and new pool equipment we use supplies, parts and products from some of the top pool companies.


  Polaris Pool Equipment                Pentair Pool Equipment              Jandy Pool Equipment               Hayward Pool Equipment


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