All You Need Is BBQ and Music

When the city of Austin is mentioned, many picture the state capital of Texas, and rightly so, but Austin has risen to become one of America’s fastest growing cities and at the same time stands as the heart of America’s thriving music scene. However, music is not the only thing Austin is known for. In fact Austin has some of the best food around. This food is not served in your average chain restaurants, but are locally owned and prepared by folks whose main objective is to provide unique and tasty food. It’s no wonder why Austin is beloved by all.

The biggest event held in Austin each year is the Austin City Limits Music Festival, which features both America’s biggest artists while at the same time this festival leaves room for up-and-coming artists to show what they can do. Music lovers from all over gather together around four stages to listen to their favorite artists and to find new artists to follow. Food and drink stands line the perimeter of the festival, making sure that your taste buds are always satisfied. Even if one of your favorite artists is not playing in the festival, this event is worth every penny, and should be experienced by all.

What’s more Texan than BBQ? No much, that’s for sure, and Austin makes sure that they have more than enough world class BBQ to go around. Most renowned is Franklin BBQ, which has appeared in numerous magazines, newspapers, and most recently a TV commercial. This restaurant is so popular that most days they sell out all of their meat. Customers are known to wait in line between two and three hours on the weekends before they even get to order. While the wait may be long, the food is worth the wait. Another great BBQ restaurant in Austin is Stiles Switch BBQ. Here visitors can choose from some of the most mouthwatering meats and sides and wash them down with a cold local brew. So whether you are an Austin native or a first-timer, make sure you satisfy your BBQ fix at one of their tremendous restaurants.

Austin is one of the most fascinating cities in the entire United States, while at the same time this city still provides that Texan atmosphere you would expect. So whether you want some great BBQ or you want to relax to some amazing music, Austin has you covered. Just as Austin has you covered when it comes to food and music, we here at Blue Science want to cover your pool cleaning. Learn more at: