Fun Times in Katy

The city of Katy has become not only a great place to live and raise a family, but also a great place for visitors to spend a day. Katy has dedicated itself to providing many fun activities for everyone. From the family of five to the single looking to mingle, Katy has something that will peak your interest.

One of Katy’s most famous attractions is the ginormous mall on the west side of town: Katy Mills Mall. I grew up two and a half hours away from Katy and as a kid I can remember my family making sure to take a trip each year to Katy Mills Mall. It was a blast. There were many stores, a great food court, and even some great entertainment options. At one point, they even had a NASCAR experience, where kids could jump into a virtual NASCAR car and race with friends. While I do not think that this particular attraction is found at the mall anymore, Katy Mills Mall now has a theater and mini-golf course instead. Katy Mills Mall also has an abundance of stores, many of which cannot be found at your average mall. So whatever your taste, Katy Mills Mall will surely have something for you.

If you are looking for something a little more relaxed and informative, Katy hosts three different museums to choose from. The Katy Heritage Museum is a 9,600 –square foot museum that showcases some of the antique farming and pioneering artifacts that made Katy the community that it has become today. This museum brings Katy’s history to life by walking visitors through the first years of its conception and showing others how Katy made its start in Texas. Another museum that resides in Katy is the Katy Veterans Memorial Museum.  This free museum is nicknamed “The G.I. Joe Museum” and showcases the military exploits undertaken by the United States. In any case, Katy hosts a unique local perspective to your idea of what a museum looks like in all of their museums.

Katy strives to provide a great life for all of its residents, as well as provide an inviting atmosphere to newcomers and visitors. So back a day bag and make a trip to the west side of Houston and visit the great city of Katy, Texas. Just as the city of Katy strive to make its city a great place for all, we here at Blue Science want to make your pool a great place for your family and friends to swim all year round. Learn more at: