The City of Excellence: Austin

The city of Austin provides a level of excellence not found in many other places. Whether in academics, sports, culinary arts, or nightlife, Austin has become one of the best places in the nation to visit for an amazing experience.

Austin is home to one of the nation's top universities, namely the University of Texas (UT). Ranked number 52 by the U.S. News in 2014, UT is both affordable and highly thought of around the country. Found within UT are over 17 colleges/schools filled with many of UT's 51,000 students. This prestigious university was founded in 1883 and from such time has grown not only in numbers, but also academic standards and popularity. The Longhorn is the official mascot of UT and has become an easily recognizable figure at one of UT's many sporting events held throughout the year. Longhorn sports have become so popular that they have become one of the top grossing athletic programs in the nation, which has led to massive following, merchandise being sold in many locations, and even their very own television contract. In any event, whether loyal to a rival school or an alumni of UT, one has to admit that the University of Texas has become one of the nation's best schools.

One of the newest attractions found in Austin is the Circuit of the Americas. The Circuit is a large racing track dedicated to providing a place where the world's best drivers can come and test their skills against one another. In fact, the Circuit of the Americas is the first purpose-built track for the Grand Prix found in the U.S. The Formula 1 Grand Prix is not the only race that comes to the track, but throughout the year motorcycles, cars, and other motor vehicles also come to this track to test their limits. One event that is making its debut in June 2014 at the Circut of the America's is the X-Games. This event will be transformed into an extreme sports paradise, with a dirt track, street skate park, and even a Big Air ramp. Hoards of folks from all around the region will fill the seats of the Circuit of the Americas to watch big name extreme sports athletes compete for the elusive gold medal. Whatever the event, the Circuit of the Americas provides a level of racing excellence not found many other places.

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