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Why the Pergola is the Perfect Poolside Accent

Getting bored with the standard poolside umbrella/table combo? The pergola has a surprising history, and it is the must-have poolside installation this season.

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The Rain Curtain: A Subtle Water Feature that Will Amaze Your Visitors

When planning additions to your poolside area, consider the rain curtain. It's a unique and clever approach to using water itself as a medium for decoration. Easy to install and maintain, the rain curtain is a surefire way to add beauty and class ...

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How to winterize and close an in-ground swimming pool

Here are the steps to winterize a swimming pool. The method described below whereby pool plumbing pipes are blown out and sealed first was most widely performed in New England and the East coast of the US. It is now becoming common to perform this method throughout the US and in other countries.

A slight variation of these steps can be performed where the pool is partially drained and an anti-freeze product is added to the lines instead of blowing out the lines and sealing them. Some of the trade-offs with that slightly different method are discussed below when that step is outlined.

NOTE: A swimming pool winterization of this type is rarely done in Texas or some of the other southern states because the weather typically does not stay below freezing for enough days to freeze the ground to a depth where there are benefits from blowing out the lines or having anti-freeze in them. We have a separate post about how most pool owners commonly deal with how to winterize a swimming pool in Texas.

Click below to see the 12 steps for winterizing an in-ground swimming pool.

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How Much Water Does My Pool Need

We received this question from a pool service customer of ours today: Why does my pool always need water? How much water does it need?

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The Best Place to Live in the US

Historic Downtown of McKinneyMcKinney is a place like no other. It contains a unique mix of South hospitality, natural beauty, and big city energy. The city is located within 30 miles of Dallas and makes a perfect travel destination or a place of a permanent residence. Stroll down the tree-lined streets, absorb the ambiance of the Historic Downtown, and become a part of the tight-knit community known as McKinney.

The Dallas suburb called McKinney has long been receiving recognition of its own. The town was chosen by Money Magazine as the “#1 Best Place to Live in America” during 2014. From 2000 to 2003 and again in 2006, McKinney was listed as America’s fastest growing city.

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The Ideal Family Getaway

Coppell is a small town community in an ideal location. Located north from the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport and only 20 miles from downtown Dallas. It has several lakes around and many places to have fun. Coppell is the perfect destination for creating the perfect family experience.

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A City on the Hill

“The Mound” hil with blubonnetsFlower Mound is located in North Texas and is a small town which takes immense pride in its family-oriented community. The small town atmosphere is what sets this place apart from other suburban areas. Flower Mound embraces and fosters development of the environment. The scenic beauty, strategic location which provides an easy and convenient access to the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth has led to Flower Mound being one of the best places in North Texas to live and enjoy life in every way.

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Second Fastest Growing City in Texas

City Wall of PearlandFast growing cities attract lots of new people who find the rapid pace of living appealing. Located near the southern part of Houston, Pearland is a happy place for all one hundred thousand people. Recently, its rapid growth pushed Pearland to the second position in the list of the fastest growing cities in Texas.

There are many recreational places in the city. One of these places is the Vic Coppinger Family's YMCA.  Members of the health center lovingly call this place “the Y”.

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Lovin' the Lake

A central figure for the city of Lewisville is the lake that bears it’s same name. This lake not only provides recreational opportunities for citizens and visitors, it is also provides water to all many folks in their homes. Without this lake, Lewisville would not be what we know it to be today. It is a wonderful place for people of all ages, and continues to be a top destination for all in DFW.

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Sugar Land: a Marvel of Texas

This little town of Sugar Land, Texas is a marvel in it’s own right. With a cute name like Sugar Land, it almost makes you wonder if it’s a real place, or a cheap knock-off of the board game Candy Land. Interestingly, the city is named after a sugar refinery that started there, Imperial Sugar, and the Imperial Sugar Crown can still be found in the city seal and logo!

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