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Pool Cleaning with Blue Science Pool Service 
Pool Cleaning Service Houston, TX - Katy, Sugar Land and more surrounding communities.

In addition to our weekly pool cleaning service, we provide pool acid washing and pool cleaning. Pool acid washing is for the removal of mild mineral and organic staining. This process is performed with the swimming pool drained and with debris removed and then a chemical solution is applied to the pool surface. The pool surface is then scrubbed and rinsed to ensure an even looking finish and the pool is refilled and pool startup chemicals and minerals are added.

Drain, Clean, and Acid Wash Pool Cleaning Service starts at $585

Learn more about our filter cleaning services starting at $109.

Weekly Pool Cleaning Service & 23 Point Pool Maintenance

What's included in our service?

Pool Cleaning

  • Vacuuming Pool
  • Brushing Pool walls, tile, steps
  • Netting Pool

Maintaining Pool Circulation

  • Cleaning Pool Skimmer and Pump Baskets
  • Backwashing Pool Filter DE and Sand Filters
  • Verifying Equipment pump, timer, pressure, leaks

Checking Automatic Pool Sweep

  • Cleaning Pool Sweep bag, filter
  • Cleaning Wall Screen
  • Verifying Pool Sweep Operation

Balancing Pool Water & Pool Chemistry

  • Testing Pool Water and Total Disolving Solids
  • Adding Pool Chemicals Balancing Water
  • All Maintenance Chemicals Included
Included with the Full Service Plan
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Maintenance Chemicals Included

* Monthly price based on a 4-week month.

There might be additional startup charges for initial cleaning & treatment.

And filter cleanings every 3-4 months for only $109 each.

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Blue Science Pool Service offers pool cleaning service to Houston, Katy, Sugar Land and more surrounding cities of Houston.



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