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The pool cleaning technicians with Blue Science Pool Service Houston provide swimming pool service, pool cleaning, and pool repair services in the Houston area.
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See our 23 Point Pool Maintenance Program to get more details about what's included in our service.

Houston, TX Blue Science Pool Service monthly rates vary slightly from area to area and can depend on the pool environment and in some cases the size of the pool.

Both of our pool service plans include cleaning, maintenance, chemicals and minerals. If you have a spa connected to your pool all pool services listed include your pool/spa combo. The Partial Service Plan does not include netting and vacuuming.


Community Spotlight

Houston is the fourth largest city in America with over 2,145,146 residents today covering over 601 sq miles. Being a large city, Houston provides many unique experiences to every citizen and visitor. Houston has four major league sports teams, a large arts district, and a thriving downtown scene. Houston also is home to many large international and national companies, along with many unique small businesses. Houston is home to many of our customers who have come to be advocates for the great service that we provide all of our customers. 

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You can make a request anytime to have us perform pool repairs, replace any worn-out pool equipment, or do a special service on your pool in Houston. Our Houston Pool Repair Technician will let you know upfront what the charges will be for any pool repair service call, labor and parts.

See more about our Houston Pool Repair service.

Reviews for Houston Pool Service from Blue Science

5 stars - based on 13 customer reviews
Source: Customers from our Houston Business Listing on Google Local and on Yahoo Local

May 14, 2013 Blue Science - Great Value by :
We have a new pool and are very happy we found Blue Science to help us take care of it. The price is fair and Kyle helps keep it clean and clear and sparkling each week. He is always prompt, courteous and polite when he services our pool. I will definitely recommend this company to my neighbors.

May 7, 2013 Blue Science Continues to Excel by :
When we started with Blue Science the pool service we used prior had our pool so cloudy you could not see the bottom floor at all. Sadly you could not see two inches down in the water it was so cloudy with chemicals. Blue Science came in, cleaned up the water, made it crystal clear and it has been perfect ever since. They come out and clean our pool every week like clockwork. Our pool is not the easiest to clean with 2 labs and 2 jacks swimming in it all the time. It is full of hair and these guys keep it out. We have no intention of changing, they are GREAT!

May 1, 2013 Blue Science - Thanks to all your techs! by :
Thank you Blue Science for such awesome service! Lance, Kyle, Doug, and JV have been really great about calling with the schedule and I know I can rely on them to keep my pool sparkling clean. It s wonderful to not have to worry about the pool service. I can always rely on them to be here when they say they are and they will adjust their schedule for me when I call needing to change my day without any problem. Thanks so much Lance, Kyle, Doug and JV you are awesome!

May 15, 2012 A Pleasant Change by :
We decided to try Blue Science pool service replacing our previous pool cleaning company from the last 6 years as they had raised their prices a number of times and it appeared we were being charged more and more as we stayed with them despite being a great customer. We were scheduled immediately for our first inspection / cleaning visit which was to occur three days later. Everything went smoothly but they did discover some things in the water that were out of balance. We approved the water change and the work was done shortly after. Our swimming pool has been very clean every week. We feel we are getting a good value for pool maintenance now.

April 22, 2012 A Huge Time Saver! by :
With my wife's encouragement we hired Blue Science earlier this month. It was getting tough for me to make enough time to properly take care of our pool. It takes some time to vacuum it - which kept me from doing it every week. We went for the full service plan so it is now vaccuumed every week. Our pool water is now sparkling clean and the floor of the pool looks great after every visit. Great work Ken! We can't wait for the water to warm up so we can start using it this season. I'm glad not to have to worry about getting time for the pool maintenance anymore.

April 3, 2012 I love these guys! by :
I love these guys! Darius and his team have done a fantastic job taking care of our swimming pool since starting earlier this year. We are really impressed with how good our pool looks now - my husband says it has never looked better. We also really appreciate all the communication that Darius and Zach do to let us know how things are going. If you have a pool nearby in Houston we highly recommend Blue Science!

Blue Science Pool Service

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Passionate about anything to do with owning a swimming pool.

Fine Dining

Many times when you think of great restaurants, you think about New York City or Los Angeles, but what if I told you that Houston has some of the best dining around? You probably would not believe it, but its true, Houston has become a dining destination for those with “sophisticated” palates. 

Little Known Houston

While Houston attracts many visitors each year, generally the most folks gather around the traditional Houston landmarks like Johnson Space Center, San Jacinto monument, and one of Houston’s professional sporting teams. However, there is more to Houston than is spoke of in the visitor’s guide. The city is full of unique features and events that bring new light on a large city. 

Pool Supplies Houston, TX

When providing pool cleaning services, repairs, or new pool equipment upgrades to Houston we use pool supplies, parts, and pool products from some of the top swimming pool supply companies.


  Polaris Pool Equipment                Pentair Pool Equipment              Jandy Pool Equipment          Hayward Pool Equipment