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 Looking for pool leak repair? Blue Science offers trusted detection and warranty backed repair.

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FAQ's About Leak Detection & Repair:

How do I know if my pool is leaking?

We recommend performing this test before spending money on a swimming pool leak detection.

Bucket Test: This is a simple test where a bucket is placed on the top step in a swimming pool. Many pool service companies will fill the water in the bucket to the same level as the pool. We like for the bucket to be filled to within an inch of the top with water.  This higher water level in the bucket will help prevent it from floating away. 

Once the bucket is filled to within an inch of the top with water, the water level inside the bucket should be marked. The outside of the bucket should then be marked to the water level of the swimming pool. 

Run the pool equipment under normal operation for 24 hrs to see if their is a greater change in the pool water level then the change in water level inside the bucket. If the change in water level in the pool is more than the change in the water level in the bucket, then the pool is losing more water than is caused by evaporation.



As mentioned above, we currently are not providing our Leak Detection and Leak Repair Service in our Houston pool service areas. But please feel free to call us if you have questions about detecting a leaking swimming pool.  


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