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See our 23 Point Pool Maintenance Program to get more details about what's included in our service.

Blue Science Pool Service monthly rates vary slightly from area to area. Rates depend on the pool environment and the size of the pool. Our base monthly fee for weekly pool service for a pool in Austin, TX is most often $99 per month for our Partial Service Plan and $139 per month for our Full Service Plan. This base fee is for a pool that is about the size of a one-car garage with no spa or features.

Both service plans include cleaning, maintenance, chemicals and minerals. The Partial Service Plan does not include netting and vacuuming.


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You can make a request anytime to have us diagnose pool equipment problems, replace worn-out pool parts, upgrade equipment, or do a special service on your swimming pool. Our Austin Pool Repair professionals will let you know upfront what the charges will be for any pool repair service call, labor and parts.

See more about our Austin area pool repair services.

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Everyone is happy by on March 12, 2015
I have had several pool companies over the past 10 years, we just moved into our new home with Blue Science for our pool service. Jose Soto takes care of our pool each week and the water is crystal clear. He ensures the water is great for the kids and safe for our dog as he thinks the pool is his endless drinking water.

Outstanding quality of service by on August 5, 2014
Just found Blue Science right around the 4th of July. We were in a bind and needed service fast! They have been awesome! From the first visit by Darius and Matt to explain things and get our pool evaluated, to the great pool tech Raphael we have been very pleased! Raphael was faced with a pool that continued to have algae. He told me from the beginning that he was going to get the pool looking good and in a few short weeks he has succeeded! He really takes his time with our pool and it shows! The Blue Science Team is the best!

Experts in action by on April 15, 2014
Raphael Gallaway at Blue Science is awesome! He takes care of my pool and hot tub each week and the water is crystal clear. Raphael insures that the water is great for my sensitive skin and safe for our 9 month granddaughter. Why bother with all the cleaning and handling all the chemicals when Blue Science and Raphael are experts!

Blue Science - Going the extra mile. by on March 21, 2013
Good company with good employees. Matt is doing a great job on my pool. He's really taking the time needed to keep it clean and balanced. He even rang the doorbell today and told me what was up and is going the extra mile on salt cells. Don't really understand it all but thankful that I'm just not a number but he's taking care of the levels for the safety of my family.

Austin Community Spotlight

According to many new reports, Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States today with over 820,611 residents encompassing 297 sq. miles. Austin is not only known as the Capital of Texas, but it also boasts a large music scene, historic district, and lively night life. Here one can also find a large parks department that has some of the best kept and most beautiful parks in all of Texas. Austin was first incorporated into our company in early 2013, and will be a great place for our company now and in the future.

Pool Supplies Austin, TX

When providing pool cleaning services, repairs, or new pool equipment upgrades to Austin we use pool supplies, parts, and pool products from some of the top swimming pool supply companies.


  Polaris Pool Equipment                Pentair Pool Equipment              Jandy Pool Equipment          Hayward Pool Equipment

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Passionate about anything to do with owning a swimming pool.

The City of Excellence: Austin

The city of Austin provides a level of excellence not found in many other places. Whether in academics, sports, culinary arts, or nightlife, Austin has become one of the best places in the nation to visit for an amazing experience.

All You Need Is BBQ and Music

When the city of Austin is mentioned, many picture the state capital of Texas, and rightly so, but Austin has risen to become one of America’s fastest growing cities and at the same time stands as the heart of America’s thriving music scene. However, music is not the only thing Austin is known for. In fact Austin has some of the best food around. This food is not served in your average chain restaurants, but are locally owned and prepared by folks whose main objective is to provide unique and tasty food. It’s no wonder why Austin is beloved by all.

Home on the Range: Central Texas' Hot Spot


Austin is home to a lot of known places and events such as: Austin City Limits, the University of Texas, and the Texas Capital Building. However there are a lot of small treasures known only to those who live around Austin which bring a sort of unique life to Austin and its inhabitants, but should be experienced by all who visit the area.