Does it Make Sense to Award one Dallas Pool Company as "Best"?

Yes and No...

Defining the best is more difficult than you would think.

If you do a quick google search "best dallas pool companies" you will see plenty of 3rd party sites claiming they have scored and ranked all pool companies in Dallas. This is far from the truth for many, many reasons including:

  1. They have not transacted with the companies in any way.

  2. They have never met the owners or the employees.

  3. They have not called the companies or analyzed the service guarantees on their websites.

  4. They have not contacted customers past or present of the companies.

And this has certainly not been done for every pool company in Dallas!



So what's going on here?

These sites are simply ranking a select few pool companies in the Dallas area that they have added to their database based on internet votes or reviews from their visitors. Often with no mechanism in place to verify that the reviewer was actually a customer of the pool company!

And problem with solely using 1-5 star voting is that no pool company can be all things to all people. Nor should it try to!

For example, a pool cleaning company could be considered worst because they are more expensive due to providing guarantees for things that you don't worry about.

To another customer that same company could be considered best because they desire the comfort of the guarantees due to the significant investment they put in designing & constructing their pool.

"Best" is a highly biased and idiosyncratic insignia. But we desperately want it to be objective.


So what to do?

We don't claim to have the perfect answer.

But one idea is to focus on pool company qualities that are universally desired and specifically promised by the company.

We compiled a list of what we believe are the most desired qualities in a Dallas area pool company, whether that be a pool cleaner or pool builder.

See if you agree...

Would you consider these qualities highly desirable?

  • Accountability

    A pool company with their own proprietary job site tracking system that measures time spent on site and verifies before and after pool photos with GPS.

  • Personable

    Having a cell phone number of a field manager who is always eager to help and discuss any concerns that may arise. Having direct access to a manager is one way a pool company can make each customer feel like a VIP.

  • Responsiveness

    A well-staffed pool company that answers 98% of calls before they go to voicemail. A company investment to ensure you always feel like your call is considered important.

  • Quality

    Using higher quality equipment, materials and the highest purity chemicals. Metal-based algaecides are cheaper but they are poisonous and perform similarly to Roundup. Higher quality chemicals trick algae into thinking that the existing chlorine is food and dies.

  • Trustworthy

    Doing background checks on employees at the time of hiring is one thing, doing checks annually to re-verify their eligibility to be in your backyard is what a trustworthy pool company will do.

Sound like a wise choice to you?

If you agree that these 5 points are important for a Dallas area pool company to have, we invite you to try our services. Blue Science provides pool service, pool repairs, remodeling and new pool construction to DFW homeowners. After you experience our customer service and workmanship, maybe you will say we are the "best". We want to earn that word.

There are many good pool companies in Dallas, which is just one reason why we work so hard to keep our customers happy - we know they have other options.

Thanks so much for reading and good luck in your search for the best Dallas pool company!


We Love Working in Dallas

Dallas is in the top 3 largest cities of Texas and in the top 10 largest cities of the US. It is home to a couple dozen Fortune 500 companies and has a strong economy for technology, banking, and telecommunications. The landscape of this Texas City is mostly flat which makes it a great location for building swimming pools and man-made lakes. The average summer high temperature reaches 96 degrees, making home swimming pools a popular edition to any suburban home. The notable architecture of Dallas is mostly from newer eras. For example the modernists era brought in the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center and Reunion Tower. Within the vast city boundaries are a few enclaves, two of which, Highland Park and University Park, contain many happy customers of Blue Science. The Texas City maintains over 400 parks. Of particular mention is the Cedar Hill State Park, found on Joe Pool Reservoir, where you can engage in camping, fishing, and even swimming along the swimming beach area. In addition to Dallas' great business-friendly environment, beautiful parks and pools, and cheap real estate, it is also number one in shopping centers per capita for the entire US.

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Blue Science has happy customers in many communities in Dallas, including:

Avenue Hights
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Build the Pool of Your Dreams

The convenience of having your own beautiful glimmering oasis of refreshing pool water just a few steps from your back door is truly a splendid thing. A pool can be everything from a source of evening relaxation, to a morning fitness spot, to a social status symbol. Your home swimming pool can be anything you want it to be.

Blue Science will work hand in hand with you to design a one-of-a-kind dream pool which perfectly complements your backyard environment. Give us a call today.

What Customer are Saying About our Dallas Pool Care

"Hi all, simply a 5*, a thank you and a strong recommendation. Not only does Kevin D look after our pool very well. This week our dog ran out as Kevin opened the yard gate. Kevin did a stellar job, not only alerting us of the situation, but he stayed with us for nearly 30mins, looking for our dog. And it was Kevin in fact, who found and brought him back. A true example of customer experience excellence and committment - not only in standard duties, but going the extra mile where and when needed. Well done Kevin B. Well done Blue Science. Thank you!" ~  Mar 6
»Pool Cleaning Austin in Dallas 5/5 ★★★★★
"Ryan Wagoner with Blue Science has gone above and beyond to make our pool look great! It had a problem with algae, which is normal this time of year, and he worked hard to make sure the problem was taken care of and that our pool sparkles. I highly recommend Ryan and Blue Science!!" ~  May 15
»Pool Cleaning Austin in Dallas 5/5 ★★★★★
"I absolutely love the service that Nate provided us with! We recently moved to the home and out of the numerous contractors and service providers I met with, Nate was by far the most professional, helpful and wonderful to work with! He professionalism, dedication and attitude really stood out! He would answer my text over the weekend, come to check on the pool personally, always provided us with helpful advice. Pleasure to work with!" ~  Oct 4
»Pool Cleaning Austin in Dallas 5/5 ★★★★★
"The NCR team of Kelsey, Brandon and Trey did GREAT! From the moment I called, with my pool of green slime they all came to my rescue. Kelsey set it up, Brandon showed up on time and within a day Trey was at my home draining the slime, acid washing and filling. I could not have been happier! Blue Science was recommended by two neighbors on Next Door, after my great experience I sent a "thank you" out to those neighbors and yesterday a different neighbor asked for my opinion of Blue Science. I gave a rave review. I have now signed up for weekly pool services. It's not often companies do what they advertise these days, what a wonderful surprise. Thank you, Lorry Moe" ~  Aug 23
»Pool Repair in Dallas 5/5 ★★★★★
"Nate is AWESOME! Anything that comes up, he is only a text away. He keeps me informed of any changes that take place or are going to take place. He always checks in with me periodically to be sure I'm a happy customer. Blue Science needs MORE guys like Nate!" ~  Mar 20
»Pool Cleaning Austin in Dallas 5/5 ★★★★★
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