Full & Partial Service Plans 
Repairs, Leak Detection & Leak Repair

  1. Holiday Schedule

    Please note that we take off Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day each year. If your pool cleaning falls on one of these Holidays your pool will be cleaned on another day that same week. If you have any special cleaning requests near a holiday, please call us a week in advance to help ensure we can accommodate your requests.

  2. Billing Schedule

    We bill by the weeks and monthly bills are based on a flat rate of 4 weeks of service per month. Each quarter has a month with a 5th week of service to be provided and billed for (13 weeks per quarter). Blue Science will charge for this additional week of service on the 15th of the first month, of each quarterly period. This charge for one additional weeks of pool service will occur on the 15th on January, April, July, and October. If there is a suspension of maintenance services any unfulfilled service visits are refunded.

    Payments for one time cleaning, chemical treatments, and repair work are collected on the day that the work begins. Some work will take more than one business day to complete. The credit or debit card that you have on file with us will be charged for these items. You may add an additional credit or debit card for periodic charges or one time charges if preferred.

  3. Safety

    Safety is of utmost importance to us at Blue Science. Pools and spas are appealing to children and are life-threatening to those who cannot swim. Please remember that doggie doors, latches and automatic gates can malfunction. We would greatly appreciate your assistance in doing everything possible to create and maintain a safe swim culture.

  4. Pool Covers

    If you leave a safety cover on your pool we will not take it off to clean the pool. We will still be able to balance the chemicals and perform the basics of our service but we will not be able to brush, vacuum, or net while the safety cover is on the pool. All other aspects of the service will still be rendered. Please do not allow a safety cover to cause you to let your guard down in regards to the dangers of pools to young children.

  5. "Full" & "Partial" Pool Cleaning Time Included

    The time allotted for "Full" service pool cleaning is 30 -- 60 minutes on site on a weekly basis with all standard "Full" weekly pool service quotes. If a pool on "Full" service requires more cleaning time Blue Science can often offer an additional pool cleaning of up to 60 minutes on site every week (4 or 5 additional hours of cleaning per month) for an additional $95.00 per month.

    Weekly "Partial" service pool cleanings do not have a minimum time amount. Partial pool cleaning visits usually take between 5-15 minutes on site.

  6. Pool Access on Service Day

    It is important that we have unhindered access to your swimming pool on all scheduled days of service. We strongly prefer combination locks and are happy to provide you with one if you like. If you are using a keyed lock please be sure it is unlocked on the day of service. We ask that our service technicians not keep any keys with them. We recommend keeping an available key on your property using a hide-a-key box if the only option for access to your pool is via a key.

    If you do not provide us with the combination for your gate lock, and our technician arrives on the scheduled day of service and your pool gate is locked, Blue Science will still bill for the scheduled cleaning service. Our technician will spend up to an hour on site the following week to catch-up on the cleaning and chemicals without additional charges. If however you need and request more than the hour of allotted time that comes with your service additional charges will apply.

  7. Freezing Weather

    If we arrive and the temperature is below freezing, we will not vacuum or turn off the pump due to the risks of the capacitor not being able to re-start the motor in the cold weather.

    In addition, freezing weather can also cause ice to form on the lid seal for pool pumps. If we believe ice is forming we may choose to forgo opening your pump lid.

    Our priority during freezing weather is to keep your equipment functioning as much as possible. We always recommend addressing any equipment concerns prior to cold weather. Motors and seals fail much more frequently when the weather suddenly changes.

  8. Lightning and Rain

    If we arrive to clean your swimming pool and there is rain, we will still perform all the possible service items on your pool. Technicians will vacuum the floor the best they can even though they may not be able to see it as clearly. If there is lightning nearby when we arrive to clean your swimming pool we will still perform all possible service items without using the aluminum pole due to safety concerns. These visits will serve as the pool cleaning visit for the week.

  9. Pets on the Property

    For the safety of your pets and our technicians please make arrangements for your dogs or other animals to be put inside or in a separate area from the pool on the day of service. We cannot take responsibility for dogs or other animals if they get loose or are injured while we are at your property.

    If you're pet does not disturb a pool cleaning technician from performing his or her duties we may still service your pool at our discretion. However our service technicians are not to touch, handle, or move pets as a part of our service. Our service technicians or other employees cannot assume responsibility for the safety of your pets. We will take responsibility for the pool maintenance and to secure the backyard when complete.

    Note: we do not recommend that pets swim in the pool for the following reasons: stains of the surface of the pool, depletion of disinfectants, unpredictable consumption levels of chemicals, undue stress on filters, irritation to your pet's skin, and ingestible biohazards such as cryptosporidium.

  10. Heaters

    Pool heaters have a number of inherent risks including risks of fire, electrical shock, pressurized boiling water, and carbon monoxide poisoning. Pool cleaning technicians are not permitted to make any heater adjustments.

    If you have any technical questions please call the office for advice and basic trouble shooting. We have repair technicians in many cities that are specifically trained to work on heaters and they can provide further on-site support should it be requested and available.

  11. Pool Water Circulation and Filtration

    It is crucial that your swimming pool have proper circulation and filtration throughout the year in order to be serviceable. Without these your pool is a stagnant body of water like a pond that we will not be able to maintain.

    We ask and require that all our Full and Partial pool service customers run their equipment at least 4-6 hrs a day in the Winter Months and at least 12 hrs a day during the warmest part of the day between March and October. The circulation helps our algae suppression and water balance chemicals prevent algae and keeps our chemicals maintaining your pool water more naturally. These daily circulation and filtration times are an important requirement for our No Algae Guarantee to be offered - where we will come and treat any algae that you get for Free while you are on an ongoing pool cleaning plan.

    Note: There could be special circumstances where your pool may need more circulation.

  12. Filter Cleaning Schedule

    Filter cleanings are necessary for nearly all residential swimming pools. The reason for this is that approximately 98% of all residential swimming pools in areas we service are DE (diatomaceous earth), cartridge, or some combination of the two types called a hybrid.

    Filter manufacturers, swimming pool builders, and home warranty providers require regular filter cleanings to ensure their filter warranties are not voided. A typical recommended filter cleaning schedule is every 3-6 months depending on the make, model, and size of the filter compared to the amount of pool water it is filtering. Two filter cleanings per year typically pay for themselves just by providing electrical savings alone. Filter cleanings also save our customers money by extending the life of their pool equipment - specifically the pump, pump motor, and filter. Filter cleanings also provide for healthier pool water and allow us to extend our Algae Free Guarantee.

    Note: It is a requirement for our customers on one of our "Full" or "Partial" pool cleaning service plans to have their pool filter cleaned by us at a regularly scheduled interval. Filter cleanings are billed as a separate charge from the monthly pool maintenance bill that includes pool cleaning labor and maintenance chemicals.

  13. Water Level Maintenance

    Water level maintenance is the responsibility of our customers. It is common for swimming pools to lose 2-4 inches of water a week due to evaporation in the summer months and low water could mean your pump(s) could incur damage from running dry -- so it is important that water always be kept at a proper level.

    Most new pools come equipped with a water auto-leveler or fill device. If you don't have an auto leveler you can purchase one at Amazon.com for about $79 by searching for Pool Sentry Automatic Pool Water Leveler.

  14. Quote Amounts and Service Rate Changes

    Blue Science reserves the right to refuse service or to change a quote for service or repairs. If a change in a quoted amount is required Blue Science will notify you in advance. If a rate change in ongoing maintenance is required after being on service Blue Science will typically give a 30 day advance notice.

  15. Repair Service Calls for Diagnosis on Equipment Issues

    If we find that your pool equipment is not working properly we will contact you advising you of the situation and ask for your permission to perform a service call for diagnosis by a one of our repair technicians.

    Note: Your pool cleaning technician is trained and capable as an equipment operator. This means he can use the equipment and often tell when a piece of equipment is not working properly. However cleaning technicians are not trained or licensed to break wire or disassemble equipment to diagnose it.

  16. Leak Detections and Repairs

    How do I know if my pool is leaking?
    We recommend performing this test before spending money on swimming pool leak detection.

    Bucket Test: A bucket is placed on the top step in a swimming pool. Many pool service companies will fill the water in the bucket to the same level as the pool. We like for the bucket to be filled to within an inch of the top with water. This higher water level in the bucket will help prevent it from floating away. Once the bucket is filled to within an inch of the top with water, the water level inside the bucket should be marked. The outside of the bucket should then be marked to the water level of the swimming pool. Run the pool equipment for 24 hrs. to see if there is a greater change in the pool water level then the change in water level inside the bucket. You can also try leaving the equipment off for 24 hrs. If the change in water level in the pool is more than the change in the water level in the bucket, then the pool is losing more water than is caused by evaporation.

    How do I fix my leaking swimming pool?

    1. Leak Detection: We perform leak detection on your swimming pool for a flat rate. The rate for leak detection includes the leak detection only, all repairs are quoted separately. We will determine where your swimming pool is leaking and give you a quote for a repair of the leaks we find.

    2. Leak Repair: Upon receiving approval of the quoted repair cost, we will perform the pool leak repair typically within a few business days.

    What if I have more than 1 plumbing leak?

    Usually we can find and fix a leaking pool with one leak detection. However there are cases where a swimming pool has more than one underground plumbing leak and a secondary leak detection is needed. In this scenario we may not discover the secondary leak if it is small until the primary plumbing leak has been repaired and the plumbing lines have been pressurized to verify if they hold water.

    Note: Every time we perform an underground plumbing repair the line is retested to ensure no additional leaks exist on that specific line upon completion of the repair.

    What is our leak detection warranty?

    We warrant our leak detections for 45 days from the day the leak detection is performed provided that our customers approve the necessary repairs to be performed by us. If another company other than Blue Science is hired to perform the repairs then we are unable to provide a warranty on the leak detection. It is the customer's responsibility to notify us if the pool continues to leak after any recommended repairs have been completed.

    Note: When repairing underground pipe(s) it is impossible to know the full extent of work needed until the leaking pipe(s) are exposed. Additional PVC pipes, tree roots, electrical lines, or other obstructions may require additional labor and parts to resolve the primary leak(s). If additional work is needed to complete the leak repair we will notify you for your approval prior to moving forward with any additional work.

    Also Note: It is possible for more than one leak to be present on a single plumbing line; however in most cases only one leak at a time can be detected. If we find that a secondary leak is present after the primary leak is repaired you will be notified with a quote for the additional repair.


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