Pool Leak Detection Services for Flower Mound Pool Owners

Looking for pool leak repair services in Flower Mound? Blue Science of Dallas offers trusted detection and warranty backed repair.

Guaranteed Leak Detection and Repairs:

  • Detection and structural repairs
  • Specialized equipment to pin point leaks
  • 45 day warranty
  • Starting at only $599

Why use Blue Science for Leak Repairs?

  • We provide the most thorough leak detection checks of any company in the Flower Mound area.
  • We have 10+ years experience with swimming pool structural repairs (we know how Dallas pools are built).
  • We use the most specialized and advanced equipment available today to pin-point your water leaks.
  • Our pool leak detection is a flat rate for most pools and pool/spa combinations.

What is our leak detection warranty?

We warrant our leak detections for 45 days from the day the leak detection is performed provided that our customers approve the necessary repairs to be performed by us. If another company other than Blue Science is hired to perform the repairs then we are unable to provide a warranty on the leak detection.

Please note: It is the customer's responsibility to notify us if the pool continues to leak after any recommended repairs have been completed.

How do I know if my pool is leaking?

We recommend performing this test before spending money on a swimming pool leak detection.

Bucket Test: This is a simple test where a bucket is placed on the top step in a swimming pool. Many pool service companies will fill the water in the bucket to the same level as the pool. We like for the bucket to be filled to within an inch of the top with water. This higher water level in the bucket will help prevent it from floating away.

Once the bucket is filled to within an inch of the top with water, the water level inside the bucket should be marked. The outside of the bucket should then be marked to the water level of the swimming pool.

Run the pool equipment under normal operation for 24 hrs. to see if there is a greater change in the pool water level then the change in water level inside the bucket. If the change in water level in the pool is more than the change in the water level in the bucket, then the pool is losing more water than is caused by evaporation.

How do I fix my leaking swimming pool?

1. Testing for Leaks: We perform a leak detection on your swimming pool for a flat rate. The rate for leak detection includes the leak detection only, all repairs are quoted separately. We will determine where your swimming pool is leaking and give you a quote for a repair of the leaks we find.

2. Leak Repair: Upon receiving approval of the quoted repair cost, we will perform the pool leak repair typically within a few business days.

What if I have more than 1 plumbing leak?

Usually we can find and fix a leaking pool with one leak detection. However there are cases where a swimming pool has more than one underground plumbing leak and a secondary leak detection is needed. In this scenario we may not discover the secondary leak if it is small until the primary plumbing leak has been repaired and the plumbing lines have been pressurized to verify if they hold water.

Every time we perform an underground plumbing repair the line is retested to ensure no additional leaks exist on that specific line upon completion of the repair.

We Love Working in Flower Mound

Flower Mound is located within Tarrant and Denton counties, Texas. Flower Mound is a town, not a city, and definitely harbors a small-town feel. The town spans 44 square miles holding approximately 60,000 residents. Flower Mound isn't home to corporate giants, in fact, the largest employer would be the Lewisville Independent School District (LISD). Flower Mound's parks and recreation department provide a vast trail system, spanning over 31 miles of multi-use trails and a few miles of equestrian trails. For swimming, there is the Community Activity Center which houses a large indoor lap pool and a one-meter diving board.

Flower Mound is located in between Lewisville Lake and Grapevine Lake, and is approximately 43 sq. miles with over 64,000 residents today. Flower Mound was incorporated as a city in 1961 as a part of both Denton and Tarrant County. Several facts attract many people to Flower Mound today, such as the fact that the citizens enjoy one of the lowest tax rates in all of DFW, and the fact that Flower Mound was ranked as one of the safest communities in all of Texas. With Flower Mound boasting a large business sector and thriving lakeside community these features have allowed our company to service many customers.

We're in Your Neighborhood

Blue Science has happy customers in many communities in Flower Mound, including:

At Tour Estates
Balmoral at Bridlewood
Bella Lago
Bolo Point
Bridlewood Farms
Bryn Mar Estates
Carriage Glenn at Bridlewood
Chateau Du Lac
Coventry at Bridlewood
Emerald Bay
Forums Residential
Grand Park Estates
Hidden Valley Country
Hidden Valley Country Estates
Hillcrest at Wellington
Immel Estates
Lexington Downs at Bridlewood
Northlake Estate
Oak Heights
Peninsula at Twin Coves
Point Noble
Reserve at Bridlewood
Reserve at Creekside
Reserve at Hickory Springs
River Oaks
Saddle Oaks
Shady Point Acres
Stafford Estates
Steeplechase at Bridlewood
The Estates at Tour
The Landing
Towne View Estate
Waldan Creek Estates
Wichita Chase
Wichita Creek Estates
Wildwood Estate

Build the Pool of Your Dreams

The convenience of having your own beautiful glimmering oasis of refreshing pool water just a few steps from your back door is truly a splendid thing. A pool can be everything from a source of evening relaxation, to a morning fitness spot, to a social status symbol. Your home swimming pool can be anything you want it to be.

Blue Science will work hand in hand with you to design a one-of-a-kind dream pool which perfectly complements your backyard environment. Give us a call today.

What Customer are Saying About our Flower Mound Pool Leak Detection

"I used your website to troubleshoot why my pump would not prime, your garden hose tip did the trick! I wish I lived in Texas, I would definitely use your company! Thank you so much!!" ~  May 13
»Pool Leak Detection in Addison 5/5 ★★★★★
"Nick Stevephenson has been the best service and repair representative from Blue Science. He is understanding and follows through on what he says. He takes care of the customer." ~  Feb 17
»Pool Cleaning Austin in Flower Mound 5/5 ★★★★★
"I had several maintenance technicians but they were for 98% all very good and nice and polite. But I must give a special mention to Jeff Smith for his professionalism, efficiency and skills." ~  Jun 28
»Pool Cleaning Austin in Flower Mound 5/5 ★★★★★
"Justin from Blue Science has done a great job keeping my pool crystal clear!! I have 2 large Live Oak trees in my back yard that drops leaves, catkins and acorns every year. They make a mess!! Without Justin from Blue Science my pool would be green. Great job and Thank you Justin!!" ~  Jul 20
»Pool Cleaning Austin in Flower Mound 5/5 ★★★★★
"We just moved into a new house and it came with a pool. It took me about a week to screw it up so I called around and came across Blue Science Pool Service. Lucky for me. The normal cleaning guy came out and said things were not working and that I should have a maintenance person come to look at it. In a few days Cody showed up. I think I knew this was going to be good as he immediately made friends with our dogs and then started to work the issues. Turns out I had hooked a hose up incorrectly and he immediately identified the problem and fixed it. Then we worked on the filter to clean it up and then added chemicals to turn our pool which was starting to look greenish back to blue." ~  Jun 9
»Pool Cleaning Austin in Flower Mound 5/5 ★★★★★
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